Leadership Development


At the BX, we're here to help educate and elevate our members, so that they can become the best in the industry.

Expand Your Leadership Development

  • BX Field Leadership Institute (BXFlex)
  • The Rising Leaders Institute 
  • BX Executive Leadership Series (BXLX)
  • BX Executive Leadership Series 2.0

The BX offers four series programs geared to elevate the professional development of your staff. Through these programs, we deliver to our members unique leadership experiences that they can use in every aspect of the construction industry.


The BX Field Leadership Excellence Series or "BXFlex" is designed for field force managers and focuses on developing the management abilities of current and future jobsite leaders.
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The Rising Leaders Institute is a partnership through the OSU Fisher College of Business offering newer managers increased awareness about their new role with topics ranging from Business Operations to Branding.
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The BX Executive Leadership Experience or "BXLX" is built for senior-level executives in construction companies, and is an 11-session program with topics ranging from leadership essentials to risk management.
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The BX Executive Leadership Experience 2.0 or "BXLX 2.0" was developed for BXLX graduates and is now open to all industry leaders. This series provides an opportunity for these execs to take their leadership skills to the next level by focusing on organizational change, team building and the latest research devoted to leadership.

For questions about any of these programs, contact Deb Murphy.