BX Industry Groups


Join industry-specific groups to help you stay informed on current issues, as well as valuable networking opportunities.


Discuss industry hot topics and build your network.

  • BX Blueprints for Well-being Council - The purpose of this group is to gather construction leaders who want to build a healthy culture at their companies. By meeting quarterly, participants will share best practices and learn from speakers who are experts in well-being topics, with the goal of normalizing help-seeking behavior in our industry. For more information or to join the Well-being group, contact Ashton Chapman.

  • Human Resource Professional Group - This group is for HR managers or those who include HR among the many hats they wear. Join this group to learn and network with other members who have this role at their firm. For more information or to join the HR group, contact Deb Murphy.

  • Law & Finance Group - Member attorneys, accountants, bankers, lenders, insurance and bonding professionals gather quarterly to discuss issues affecting the financial and legal aspects of the commercial construction industry. For more information or to join the Law & Finance group, contact Kelly Stover

  • Safety Advisory Council - This group of Builders Exchange members gather quarterly in an informal setting to discuss pressing safety issues, share solutions to safety problems and offer suggestions for BX safety programs to help meet current regulation needs. For more information or to join the Safety Advisory Council, contact Ashton Chapman.

  • Young Professionals Group (YPs) - This group was created to develop an ongoing opportunity for young (and young at heart) industry professionals to effectively network with each other through networking events, fundraising and community activities. To be added to the YP email list, contact Kelly Stover